Sublime Hardwax anniversary #berlin #hardwax

What a great weekend it was. My friend Jacob Rosengren came down to Berlin from Copenhagen, so I had the pleasure of acting as tourguide (it was his first time in the city) - enjoying ao. the impressive ost-architecture of Karl Marx Allee.

Saturday night we went to the Pet Shop Boys concert for a trip down memory lane and went on to the hightlight of the weekend, namely the Hardwax 20-year anniversary night (titled simply 'XX') at WMF Club in Klosterstrasse. On the decks, laptops, racks and mics were a beautiful mix of talent and established artists including ao. Soundhack, Substance, Tikiman and Mark Ernesto - ranging from deep Berlin minimal and electronic dub flavours to harder detroit sounds and even a small stage featuring a ripping mix of old acid house classics. On the mainstage, I was pretty amazed with the live-set by MMM, whom I've never heard before.

Found this video from the event, btw:

Looking forward to XXX! Keep it real and keep up the good work, Hardwax-posse.

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