Hire me!


As an independent bootstrapper and free contractor I am available to help you! Over the years I've worked professionally in many different settings, countries and cultures and gained experience across a wide spectrum of skills - leading projects, founding companies, making concepts and driving ideas forward within a technology, culture, the music business and the art world. Get in touch and let's have a chat! [Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn / Email]
Here are some of the key areas where I can probably help you:

I've done hundreds of talks, lectures and inspirational speeches over time and from practical experience have expertise to speak about open data, open culture, open licensing, maker and hacker culture, online activism and tactical media - as well as edgier side of the Internet and emerging & disruptive technologies in general.
My leadership skills have been shaped by leading a wide range of projects and organizations, both in the physical and online realms. From directing maker/co-working spaces and innovation hubs over spear-heading open data software projects to conceptualizing, launching and financing new ideas as well as creating, boosting and sustaining communities and fueling movements around new ideas. I'm comfortable leading creative processes, making and executing strategies, keeping tight budgeting, meeting deadlines, getting collaborators to perform their best, setting and reaching goals - and most importantly, inspiring teams and collaborators to succeed.
From bootstrapping and being involved in a myriad of projects and ideas I've picked up a lot of expertise within the areas mentioned above as well as on how these ideas can be used in business and organizational contexts. I love to share my knowledge, insight and give advice (often for free), but also to get deeper involved in other people's ideas and help develop them further. Get in touch and let me know what you're working on - maybe I can provide some unconventional input and different perspectives.
My work on numerous projects has centered around mediating messages to different target groups, and often en public in general - regardless of whether is was art projects, products, events or something else. A large portion of this has been marketing, but the majority was promotion work: Meaning to appeal to the press to get the message out. This has also meant that I often have been in the spotlight in front of the camera myself to talk to the press, for promotion or as a pundit - or equipping others to do so. In other words I navigate the press space in a very natural manner and enjoy engaging with media to get the message out.
Getting people together is often the crux of successfully growing ideas. With experience from being an executive director, tour manager, business kickstarter, community manager and event conceptualizer I've been responsible for planning, promoting, leading and executing hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of events over the years in countries all over the world. From meet ups and workshops to concerts, international tours, screenings, discussion panels and full scale festivals and conferences.
It is my strong belief that collaboration and knowledge sharing fosters the best results and that building communities is an amazing way to scale ideas. This is one of the reasons why I believe so strongly in open participatory collaboration principles as a methodology that can be applied to pretty much any sort of idea - and as a result I've worked professionally in many different settings on creating, growing, boosting and sustaining communities in both physical and virtual worlds. I really enjoy getting people excited about new ideas on a massive scale.
I love writing and over time have been crafting texts in all shapes and sizes, both professionally and for leisure. From press releases, artist bios, newspaper articles and blog posts to web content, product descriptions and promotion materials. I am good at diving into the matter of a story or a message and draw images with words. This has resulted in an extensive output of published material in the online sphere, on blogs and in printed media - as well as contributions to a few books. To see writing clips in both English and Danish, go here.

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