About this website

autofunk.dk is the personal work and leisure journal of me, Christian Villum, aiming at mapping projects, activities, networks and ideas as they emerge and spring forward. This journal is supplemented by my journal for experiments in art and technology, Bitbugs Lab.

I am a disruptive-technology geek, project bootstrapper, open data/society activist & electronic music buff, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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current projects and ventures
I enjoy exploring ideas and creating projects within media, arts, web, open culture and new technologies.

I spend most of my time (1) working as an entrepreneur and freelancer within digital strategy under the banner of my own company Spraengfarlig. Furthermore, I (2) run maverick electronic music recording label Uhrlaut Records, and (3) independent book publisher Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books. On the side I (4) hold the position as Danish representative in the Global Network Council for Creative Commons Denmark, and I (5)sit in the board of OpenDanmark.

In the recent past I worked as Director of Digital & Future Thinking for Danish Design Centre, where I oversaw a portfolio of projects within the spectrum of design & new technology.
In the more distant past I co-founded and co-managed Platform4, a hackerspace/co-working space/art- and technology venue as well as the adjacent maker space FormuLab. A while back I've also been working for Open Knowledge Foundation in London as International Community Manager, and acted as active member of the Science Friction art & technology collective.
Previous side-projects include co-coordinating the Open Knowledge Denmark group and the international Open Design & Hardware Working Group.

Last, but not least, I (7) dj a little on various occasions under the monikers Vilde V, Christian Villum & DJ Ond Blomst. As a dj, I am affiliated to the now defunkt (but on occasion revived) Aabtek dj-collective, member of Urlaut dj-team and part of Aalborg Tærror Crew.

I hold a master degree (MA) in Culture, Communication & Globalization and a BA in International Business Communication from Aalborg University. Currently, I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and have previously lived, worked and studied in Berlin, New York and Chicago.



My next venture: Want to stay in the loop?

Starting in June 2021 I have freed up time (as in: Quit my job) to build a new company based on an idea I've been exploring for a while. I am still working on the pitch, so I'll hold back on the details and only reveal that it will be relevant and exciting for those […] Read More…

New work and life chapter

Time to wave GOODBYE & AU REVOIR to Danish Design Centre: It’s been a tough decision to leave, and I want to send thanks for an amazing time, great challenges, cutting-edge innovation projects, and the best colleagues & management you can imagine. My last day will be May 31.Next up: Time to wave HELLO to […] Read More…

Insights on how to scale your SME through sustainability and digitization

Last week I had the pleasure of moderating an online webinar discussion between two of Denmark's leading voices in sustainable and digital transformation, Steen Hildebrandt and Peter Svarre. The conversation was aimed at uncovering concrete actions that small and medium-sized enterprises can take to not only start their digital and sustainable transformation, but above all […] Read More…

CENTRINNO: Rethinking the way cities shape historical industrial sites into locally productive, sustainable and inclusive hubs

As part of my work in Danish Design Centre, I have the pleasure of contributing to a new, large, EU-funded project by the name of CENTRINNO (which is an acronym for 'New CENTRalities in INdustrial areas as engines for inNOvation and urban transformation'). The project aims to develop and demonstrate strategies, approaches and solutions for […] Read More…

The digital ethics compass: How do we develop ethical technology?

As part of my work as Director of Digital & Future Thinking at Danish Design Centre, I have the pleasure of contributing to a highly important effort to try to tackle one of the biggest digital challenges of our time: The global spread of digital technology that in many ways enrich people's lives with more […] Read More…