Who owns AI-generated content? Attended the ‘Blinde Vinkler’ tech podcast

Who owns what an AI creates?

Generative AI is speeding full steam ahead into our everyday lives before anyone has agreed on the rules of the road. But is it even legal when code, text, music, and images are produced by an AI with inspiration from real people's works? Or is it a violation of some rights? And is it even fair?

This was the question in this podcast episode from Danish tech podcast Blinde Vinkler ("Blind Spots",) where I had the pleasure of being interviewed alongside legal advisor Louise Floor Frellsen. Louise is an expert on patents, whereas my voice was as a technology advisor, music industry professional, and open-source advocate.

Find the podcast and episode on Spotify (direct link)

Blinde Vinkler is published by IT-Branchen, IDA Ingeniørforeningen and Tina Ryoon Andersen.

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