Close The Loop: The Circular Value Game now out

Marking that The REFLOW Project (as mentioned earlier in this blog) is inching towards the end, we are proud to announce the release of ‘Close The Loop: The Circular Value Chain Game,’ an outcome of the experimentation that the project team has been doing with companies like REMA1000, Cloetta, X, and others. The game is now freely available for download - or you can get a physical copy, too.

Industries produce a lot of plastic waste, which is predominantly incinerated. That process produces carbon dioxide, which is killing the planet. If you are a business – or a consultant helping a business – this game can help you dramatically improve the value chain: By closing the loop and making waste into a resource. 

The game is a collaborative board game, workshop format, and process for bringing together all the stakeholders of a value chain surrounding plastic waste production, use, and discarding. By motivating these stakeholders to join a collaboration to minimize waste and turn it into a valuable resource, the game helps create a shared vision and mission that will significantly positively impact the environment and the bottom line for stakeholders.

The game has two target audiences: Most importantly, businesses that want to improve their sustainability agenda radically. And secondly, also consultants, designers, and other change agents that assist such companies in achieving their goals.

Download Close The Loop: The Circular Value Game here - available in both Danish and English versions.

You can also dive into the set of video tutorials featuring yours truly, which help you understand and play the game with your team and collaborators.

Check out the video tutorial repository.

Lastly, we have set up a LinkedIn group where users of the game can discuss their experimentation with the game. Visit the group here.

The game is ready to play with all materials using the links above. However, if you would like some additional guidance or help with the facilitation, I am happy to help you get started. 

Alternatively you can also contact Danish Design Center or Vejle Municipality’s Innovation Department. Another option is the external facilitator Ann Louise Slot, who lead the development and testing of the resource. Don’t hesitate to reach out.


The game has been developed as part of the REFLOW Project; an EU Communission-backed effort by 18 partners across Europe including Vejle Municipality and Danish Design Centre in Denmark, aims to develop circular and regenerative cities through enabling active citizen involvement and systemic change to re-think the current approach to material flows in cities. The project utilizes Fab Labs and maker spaces as catalysts for change in urban and peri-urban environments. 

Read more about The REFLOW Project and dive into all the other tools, guides and insights here:  

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