TEDx Kreuzberg – indeed an inspiring evening #tedxkreuzberg

I've been meaning to mention this here before, but just haven't had the time to do it. Last week I attended the TEDx Kreuzberg event setup by ao. #thewavingcat in Betahaus. TEDx is a locally organized version of the original TED-events and this Kreuzberg edition turned out to be a real blast. Among the speakers were #jaycousins, talking about Palomar5 and I also really enjoyed the presentation by Jakob Tigges, the man behind the controversial and brilliant The Berg-plan for the usage of the huge area that used to be the Tempelhof airport in Berlin.
Last, but not least, the Danish participants from Mr. Green were inspiring, I really like their humorous take on enviroment activism - if you haven't already, you should check out their website. After the presentation we had a short talk, and hopefully we'll be able to setup something in Platform4 to introduce the city of Aalborg to their fun antics.

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