Speaking at FSCONS in Sweden this week + attending CC gatherings and workshop // #fscons #creativecommons #urlyd #gothenburg

Later this week, I'll be heading to Gothenburg in Sweden for a bunch of really exciting activities. First, to meet up with the Creative Commons public project leads from the rest of Scandinavia to not only meet all at once for the first time, but also to discuss how we can enhance CC activities across the region by working together.

Secondly, I will also attend the first workshop in the Some Rights Reserved For Nordic Artists-project. This magnificent idea, as also presented earlier in this blog, is one of many from Jonas Öberg, who will lead the session that not only includes the CC leads, but also carefully selected teams from each country. Each team consists of four artists/creatives, that will become equipped with knowledge on CC in order to spread it in their home networks. In practice, a 'learn the learners' approach to cultivate public awareness on the benefits and opportunities available through open licensing.
From Denmark, we are bringing the following four prominent creatives: Sofie Nielsen (alias Tone, musician and songwriter), Henrik Chulu (of the band Babylove, musician and academic), Sune Petersen (alias MOTORSAW, video artist, photographer and lecturer) and Dan Larsen (book author and journalist).

Lastly, I will speak at the FSCONS conference (Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit), the biggest annual Scandinavian gathering around free culture, free software and free society. I'll be speaking about my label, Urlyd Audiovisual Recordings - descriptive blurb available here - in Room 1 on Saturday, Nov 6 at 11.30am.
Subsequently, I will attend the rest of the festival and encourage everyone else to do so. Tickets are only 30 Euros - available here. Hope to see you there!

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