#FSCONS feedback and interview + Presentation for #Copenhagen Municipality tonight

A couple of days ago I returned from speaking at - and participating as an audience member in - the FSCONS conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, which turned out to be quite a revelation of great ideas and initiatives that seek to develop open culture and the open web. With inspiring keynotes by ao. Glyn Moody and Karin Kosina, as well as an abundance of highly impressive and spell-binding presentations from several other speakers (most notably, in my humble opinion, those of Creative Commoners Smari McCarthy from CC Iceland and Mathias Klang of CC Sweden).

My own presentation ("Please copy this record to all of your friends", download slides) seemed to be well-received as well. The Penguin Trail blog did some commenting and freelance writer Lars Karlsson did an interview for syndication. I really appreciate that!

What perhaps thrilled me the most was to blend in with the audience that comprised several hundred dedicated other open culture advocates, developers and activists. Such a weekend really fuels ones belief in a future of an open, distributed, decentralized and just Internet.

On another note, I'll be heading for Copenhagen tonight to give a presentation to members of a Copenhagen Municipality initiative under the cultural administration - on the theme of facilitating creativity within culture. I'll be giving a brief inspirational presentation of the Platform4 project.

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