APPARAT.Lab this weekend! #platform4dk #art #technology #aalborg

If you're in or around Aalborg this weekend, don't miss out on attending APPARAT.Lab in Platform4; a special experimental lab over four days of the Contemporary Art Festival Port2010 that takes place in various venues all over the city.

The art festival features four days of installations, live performances and workshops. Several artists and artist groups within the fields of sound, visual and performative arts will appear during the festival, amd present both new works of their own as well as create other ones in co-operation with you as a workshop participant. Highlights include Max Hattler, Tim Hecker, Derek Holzer and Mehmet Can Özer - as well as Kiloton and Sune P (from my label Urlyd) and my fellow colleague in Labelkollektiv, Christian Skjødt.

The festival is organized by Skjødt, Edit Vizer and Yngve Stensaker and Martin Lynge from Tossestreger - in collaboration with us in Platform4. Tickets are available from Billetlugen. Read more on the festival website.

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