Representing the university in Berlin #aau #berlin

Just got a notice from Aalborg University that I again this year will be hired to represent the university at the annual Study World educational fair in Berlin in April - only this time on my own (last year we were four representatives, this year only one: Me). The purpose is to engage German students to come to Aalborg to study, and I look forward to tell the students about the progressive ways of Denmarks most northernly located college.

It's a bit funny/weird, though, to book flights and hotels for Berlin, while I am still presently living here. Will be quite strange to come back in a couple of months and not be able to stay in our fine apartment here in Kreuzberg, which my girlfriend and I are giving up later this month to move back to Denmark to hand in our theses. Still, it's gonna be nice to come back soon. I love Berlin.

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