Interview in Radio 24-7 on releasing Periskop’s “40”

This morning I had the pleasure of getting up extremely early to visit Radio 24-7's morning show with Danny Kreutzfeldt (aka. Periskop), whose album we'll be releasing on our Uhrlaut label on Friday. The album consists of no less than 40 full length albums packaged as 1 vinyl LP and 39 digital releases on a custom made USB-key that is integrated in the vinyl cover. This makes it the longest release in Danish music history. On top of this the entire thing is released under a Creative Commons license, and is available for free download - over 30 hours of quality electronic music, produced by Periskop during the last 13 years.

Listen to the interview (and read a few official notes about the program) here (fast forward to 38:22).
Check out the album here and read more about Periskop here.

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