Appearing in Swedish National Radio + panel videos from OuiShare + speaking at EU HOMER conference in Sevilla, Spain // #OuiShareFest


During my recent visit in Paris to attend the OuiShare conference I was interviewed by Swedish National Radio, whose weekly show "Klotet" (Swedish for "Sphere") was focusing on sharing culture. This means I got a chance to practice my Swedish-Danish once again (I apologize to both languages for the abuse).

Listen to the program in the SR-P1 archive here.

The video recordings of the panels I participated in are now also online on YouTube. First the one titled 'Open Government Data: How, What, Why?" alongside Kat Borlongan (Five By Five + OKFN Local Group France - who was also the moderator), Romain Lacombe (Etalab) and Simon Perdrisat (Democratie Ouverte):

And the second one on 'Creative Networked Communities' with Nadia El-Imam (from Edgeryders, moderator, Christian Vanizette (MakeSense), Henri Laupmaa (Let's Do It World) and one of the co-founders of the OuiShare movement, Antonin Leonárd:

Additionally, I was shortly after in Sevilla in Spain on behalf of the Open Knowledge Foundation to do a talk at a conference for the EU-funded HOMER Project which focuses, among other, on the implementation of open data initiatives.

On stage in Sevilla

The presentation was, among other, captured in the project newsletter (p. 4) - and a video recording should be published at some point, I was told. Equally interesting I also got to hang out with some highly inspiring people from the Spanish hacktivist scene, among other the crew from OpenKratio - a citizen group pushing the open data and open government agenda in Spain.

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