Contributing article to new book, “This is Distributed Design” – titled “The Ten Key Skills for a Successful Distributed Designer”

The Distributed Design Market Platform is an EU-funded 3-year project which I've contributed work to during my time in Danish Design Centre. Every year the project partners write and publish a book, and I have had the honor to contribute to more of them (co-editing one of them and writing articles for others - see here for more details).

"This is Distributed Design" is the final book in the series, and I have written an article called "The Ten Key Skills for a Successful Distributed Designer", in which I zoom in on what you need to learn to tap into this new, global trend, where designs are made open for anyone to collaborate on in order to boost creativity and innovation. It is a practice that is hugely popular in the global maker-community.

As a fun fact, the article was also picked up Medium's biggest design magazine, Bootcamp. Thank you for that, team Bootcamp.

Read the article on Medium/Bootcamp:

Or download the entire, free book here:

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