Hosting Sprint:Digital conference in Danish Federation of Industry

This week I had the pleasure of stage-hosting the Sprint Digital 2021 conference: It invited anyone interested in how design can become the key tool in successful digital transformation, to hear of the results of the 3-year Sprint Digital project.

Being one of the Danish Design Centre's flagship projects, Sprint Digital, a 3-year effort funded by the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business & Financial Affairs, set out to uncover how design and digitization go hand in hand as innovation tool - especially in Danish small and medium-sized companies, who generally struggle to digitize their business. In particular, the focus has been put on a method called 'digital sprint', which is a format in which a digital solution to a challenge is ideated prototyped in just 5 days.

During the course of the project, more than 130 companies used the method to craft new, digital ideas - through facilitation by a team of Danish design agencies.

The conference, which took place in the main room of the Danish Federation of Industry in Copenhagen, marked the grand finale of the project, and showcased some of the work done by teams of companies and designers working together and furthermore had keynote speakers like Jake Knapp, author of the book "Sprint" and former design lead at Google Ventures, Rikke Hougaard Zeberg, who is the Director of DI Digital and Christian Bason, CEO of Danish Design Centre.

Aside from hosting the event, I've also had the pleasure of contributing to other outcomes of the project, including writing an article for the official book and hosting a series of webcast interviews with key voices in cutting-edge digitalization. More on that later.

Read more about Sprint Digital here:

Panel moderation at Sprint Digital 2021 conference
Sprint Digital 2021 conference

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