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autofunk.dk is the personal work and leisure journal of me, Christian Villum, aiming at mapping projects, activities, networks and ideas as they emerge and spring forward.

I am an independent and self-employed project bootstrapper, disruptive technology geek, open data/society activist & electronic music buff, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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current projects and ventures
I currently live and work as an independent and self-employed bootstrapper within media, arts, web, open culture and technology.

I spend most of my time (1) working as International Community Manager for Open Knowledge in the UK and it's global network of Local Groups. Furthermore, I (2) run maverick electronic music recording label Uhrlaut Records, and (3) hold the position as Public Project Lead for Creative Commons Denmark, where I host lectures, workshops and talks, speak to the press and administer the Danish CC-chapter in general. Additionally, I (4) run the project management and consultancy outfit Spraengfarlig and (5) act as active member of the Science Friction art & technology collective.

In the recent past I co-founded and co-managed Platform4, a hackerspace/co-working space/art- and technology venue as well as the adjacent maker space FormuLab. I've also recently been working for Aalborg University as Project Supervisor and Examination Censor.

On the side I (6) co-coordinate the Open Knowledge Denmark group and the Open Design & Hardware Working Group.
Last, but not least, I (7) dj a little on various occasions under the monikers Vilde V, Christian Villum & DJ Ond Blomst. As a dj, I am affiliated to the now defunkt (but on occasion revived) Aabtek dj-collective, member of Urlaut dj-team and part of Aalborg Tærror Crew.

I hold a master degree (MA) in Culture, Communication & Globalization and a BA in International Business Communication from Aalborg University. Currently, I am based in Copenhagen Denmark, and have previously lived, worked and studied in Berlin, New York and Chicago.
upcoming whereabouts and projects

JAN.18-23.2015 - Open Knowledge - Cambridge Summit, UK
JAN.24.2015 - 8bitklubben - Organizing Mikrodisko rave, DK
FEB.21.2015 - Open Knowledge DK - Open Data Day 2015

...past whereabouts can be found here and past dj-gigs here.



Releasing global Creative Commons mixtape this week

. . As part of the global community of Creative Commons Affiliates (the custodians of the CC license tools) I am proud to contribute to a new tradition that has been published for the first time this week: The annual release of a mixtape of great music from artists around the world using CC licenses. Out this week! […] Read More…

Launching the 2014 Global Open Data Index

. . Today from Open Knowledge we're launching the 2014 Global Open Data Index; a citizen-driven online tool to assess the state of open government data around the world.  Each year, governments are making more data available in an open format. The Global Open Data Index tracks whether this data is actually released in a way […] Read More…

Screening of “Europe In 8 Bits” in collaboration with 8-bit klubben

. . Cinemateket, the main venue of the The Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen, is organizing a film series this autumn called "Press Play". It focuses on, quote-unquote, "digital utopias and new beginnings" and features, among other, a screening of the magnificant sci-fi classic Tron. As 8-bit klubben we've been asked to contribute and have […] Read More…

Promoting Hour of Code in Denmark

. . This coming week kicks off the 2014 Hour of Code, a global movement organizing a worldwide event from December 8-14 reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries - including Denmark. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event and make use of the one-hour tutorials that are available in over […] Read More…

New proposals for the Danish digitization strategy

. With Open Knowledge Denmark we've submitted some comments (responding to an open call) for the future digitization strategy (2016-2020). Lead by my group colleague Niels Erik Kaaber Rasmussen, we've suggested that goals are set for increased openness in public administration, more political transparency, social inclusion and increased citizen involvement. In general we would like to see […] Read More…