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autofunk.dk is the personal work and leisure journal of Christian Villum, aiming at mapping projects, activities, networks and ideas as they emerge and spring forward.

Christian Villum is a reflective laptop caféntrepreneur, bootstrapper, webactivist, networker and socially conscious male born in Denmark.

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current projects and ventures
I currently live and work as an independent and self-employed bootstrapper within media, arts, web, open culture and technology.

I spend most of my time (1) working as International Community Manager for the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) and it's global network of Local Groups. Furthermore, I (2) run maverick electronic music recording label Uhrlaut Records, and (3) hold the position as Public Project Lead for Creative Commons Denmark, where I host lectures, workshops and talks, speak to the press and administer the Danish CC-chapter in general. Additionally, I (4) run the project management and consultancy outfit Spraengfarlig and (5) act as active member of the Science Friction art & technology collective.

In the recent past I co-founded and co-managed Platform4, a hackerspace/co-working space/art- and technology venue as well as the adjacent maker space FormuLab. I've also recently been working for Aalborg University as Project Supervisor and Examination Censor.

On the side I currently (6) function as chairman of music label association Labelkollektiv, and (7) co-coordinate the Open Knowledge Foundation Denmark group and the Open Design & Hardware Working Group.
Last, but not least, I (8) dj a little on various occasions under the monikers Vilde V, Christian Villum & DJ Ond Blomst. As a dj, I am affiliated to the now defunkt (but on occasion revived) Aabtek dj-collective, member of Urlaut dj-team and part of Aalborg Tærror Crew.

I hold a master degree (MA) in Culture, Communication & Globalization and a BA in International Business Communication from Aalborg University. Currently, I am based in Aalborg Denmark, and have previously lived, worked and studied in Berlin, New York and Chicago.
upcoming whereabouts and projects

MAY.14-18.2014 - Science Friction - Workshops Click Festival, DK
JUN.12-15.2014 - Uhrlaut - Attending Sonar Festival, Barcelona
JUL.3-6.2014 - Uhrlaut - Attending Roskilde Festival, DK
AUG.25-31.2014 - autofunk - Project at Burning Man, Reno US

...past whereabouts can be found here and past dj-gigs here.

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Video installation and workshops at Click Festival

. . This coming weekend the great 3-day new media event Click Festival takes place in the city of Helsinore, north of Copenhagen. The festival explores the intersection between technology, science, art and music and alongside a very interesting electronic music program (featuring among other Detroit electro duo Dopplereffekt, which I can hardly wait to […] Read More…

Blogging about the digitization and opening of our cultural heritage

. . Last week there was an interesting article in Danish national newspaper Information, which explained how Norway are planning to digitize and release all of their written cultural heritage - that's right, all of if: books, magazines, articles, etc. - and to make it freely available to all Norwegian citizens. This prompted me to […] Read More…

Supporting my heroes: The 2013 Donation Spree

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Aaron Schwartz’ Guerilla Open Access Manifesto now translated into Danish // #openaccess

  Aaron Schwartz, who sadly passed away last year, is an iconic front figure of the open movement and needs no introduction. One of his most powerful creations was the formulation of his Guerilla Open Access Manifesto, which outlines not only the failures of the global proprietary academic publishing scheme which silos scientific, academic and […] Read More…