Open Knowledge Denmark turns 1 year old


Today marks the one year anniversary of Open Knowledge Denmark, the Danish Local Group of the international Open Knowledge network. The group was booted a year ago and in the past year we've organized a series of events including an electoral data sprint, a workshop about the European patent system, a screening of Tactical Tech's Exposing The Invisible, a data expedition about privacy-questions, Open Data Day 2014 and a data sprint about Danish spending legislation to just mention af few. Further to that we've commented officially on the Danish Open Government Partnership action plan and participated actively in a handful of events including the Danish Open Gov Camp, Free Bassel Day and the big Open Knowledge Festival in Berlin.

Today we have 320+ followers on Twitter, 90+ likes on Facebook and approx. 55 subscribers on our mailing list. If you feel like joining or just keep track of what we do, then bookmark our blog or tune into fore-mentioned social media channels.

Internationally Open Knowledge is represented in more than 50 countries and has managed to connect and facilitate a global network of people and groups that works with open data, open science, open culture, open economics, open education and open-everything-else.

In Open Knowledge Danmark we're very curious to take on new topics and this fall have gotten started with Open Access by organizing a meetup and looked at the Danish parliament new API. If you're interested in these topics or others that we haven't touched upon yet, then get in touch on Twitter or Facebook.

(this is an English version of this Danish summary made by Niels Erik Kaaber Rasmussen)

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