Developing the Fab City global vision + contributing to the official book


This past July I had the pleasure of attending the 2018 Fab City Global Summit in Paris to contribute to the ongoing development of the magnificent Fab City world vision - as well as to speak at two of the events:

First, at the Fab City Lab which was a one day pre-conference that took place at the Paris City Hall. Here I spoke in the "Local Manufacturing and Industry 4.0" session with Made in Paris, the Usine IO makerspace and Manufattura Milano.

Later, in the actual Fab City Summit conference, I also spoke in the session about Design & Networks, under the title of "How to use strategic design to build the open source hardware business models of the future?". Here I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Christina Rebel from Wikifactory, Karen van der Moolen from WAAG (both of whom we work closely with in Danish Design Centre) as well as Abhishek BALI from 3DEXPERIENCE LAB, Lu Yen Roloff from Make Smthng and Julie Colin of CivicWise.

More notably, however, the summit also marked the publication of the official Fab City book to which I feel honored to have contributed one of the articles in collaboration with my Danish Design Center colleague, Julie Hjort.

The book will soon be available freely online under an open license. Keep an eye on the official Fab City website for the announcement.
Update: The book as available for free online reading on Issue and can be ordered as paper copy via Peecho.

Photos by Julie Hjort.

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