Heading for Brussels

Great weekend for my little label Urlyd coming up. Today we are off to Brussels, myself, Sofie (Tone) and Kristian (VJ) to play the famed SPOT On Denmark showcase at Ancienne Belgique (AB) in Brussels tomorrow night (you know, I'm not playing myself - I'll be the label-guy in the back). Exciting indeed, as a whole lot of local music business associates will be present at the showcase. Let's see what that spins off.

Saturday, Tone will do a radio session at the national radio VRT in Brussels, in the show called Duyster that focuses on niche music. People in Belgium says the average number of listeners is between 100-200,000 so it seems like a great windows to reach the right listeners down there.

Later Saturday, we race across the border from Belgium to Den Haag in the Netherlands to play the huge underground festival Langweiligkeit alongside 250 other great bands from around Europe. Tone is billed to play at the Rootz Club, so come by if you are in the neighborhood.

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