Boing Boing’ed – again

Yesterday my blog at was Boing Boing'ed for the second time since it was started approx. a year ago. The blog post in question was a rough translation into English that I made of a Politiken article, that was the first to announce the fact that the Danish Anti Piracy Agency (Antipiratgruppen) had announced the ceasing of their activities.

Being Boing Boing'ed means that the famous American blog Boing Boing (founded and run by ao. author Cory Doctorow) picks up a story and links to the source - in this case my blog - which means that visitor stats increase immensely, a lot of people sign up to it's RSS-feed, Twitter-account etc. - which is the sort of thing you need when trying to establish a blog and make it grow a bigger following.

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