8bit-klubben reboot for 2015: Epic chiptune bash last weekend



This past weekend we (Science Friction and a bunch of collaborators including folks from Chassis Arcade, KILERuben & Bobby) re-booted the Copenhagen community for 8-bit culture, 8-bit klubben, with the first event in a planned series in 2015 - by inviting one of the world's most popular chiptune artists right now, Meneo, to fly up from Madrid to perform in our Nørrebro/Frederiksberg venue HCØ-Hus. The event also billed an art performance by Data Slav from Sweden (aka. chiptune powerhouse Goto80), Denmark's own Laser Eraser aka. Søren Andreasen and a magnificent exhibition by famed Chinese contemporary artist Lu Yang - 8 Bits of Anti-Humanism - in collaboration with Copenhagen gallery OK Corral. The place was packed with ravers and art connoisseur alike for an all-nighter of pixels and chiptunes and we'll be uploaded a series of videos on 8-bit klubbens new Vimeo account over the coming days. Above is the first one.

Laser Eraser live @ 8bitklubben Mikrodisko Copenhagen, January 24 2015 from 8bitklubben on Vimeo.

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