Tone release event in Copenhagen today + Aalborg tomorrow // #uhrlaut #electronica #cc

Tonight we're hereby inviting everyone to join our Copenhagen event for the release of Tone's new album, 'Hanging By The Moon' on my record label Uhrlaut. The event will feature an exclusive mini-concert by Tone and takes place at Mayhem in Copenhagen (Ragnhildgade 1, Copenhagen NV). Aside from Tone the event also features i snor (studio oval), Dodebum (autofant), æter dj (neh own rec), vektormusik dj (rump rec) and visuals by Tone and Kobe.

The album is officially released on Friday, October 21, and will then be available as a free download (here or here) and as a vinyl LP in all Danish record stores (distribution via Rillbar). For mail order (global) please visit this section on the Tone site.

Read more about the release and the event here - and stream the album already on Tone's website.
Tomorrow the second release event will take place; this time in Studenterhuset in Aalborg, Tone's home turf.

Please join us! Snacks, bubbly, experimental electronic sounds and good vibes will be provided.

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