Tone: Nordic Music Prize pre-nomination + Nordjysk Kulturpris award + upcoming live-album with Martin Hall in ’12 // #uhrlaut

Tone aka. Sofie Nielsen, who is a friend and collaborator of mine and whose music I release on my label Uhrlaut, is all over the place right now.

In November her album 'Hanging By The Moon' (for free download - click link) was pre-nominated for the Best Album category at the upcoming Nordic Music Prize award show (Update: Tone didn't make it for the final nomination group...but we're still thrilled to even be considered), and in late November she was awarded the prestigeous Nordjysk Kulturpris (Nordic Cultural Award) of 100,000 Danish Kroners, given annually by Spar Nord and Nordjyske Medier.

Check out the substantial press coverage in music mag Gaffa, in the news section of Spar Nord and in newspaper articles in Nordjyske (1, 2 - where I've also sneaked in, 3 and 4) - as well as tv-coverage on Nordjyske WebTV (1 and 2).

Thirdly, we can now announce that she will be releasing a live-album in early February next year in collaboration with renowned avantgarde artist and performer Martin Hall. The recordings were made in our experimental venue Platform4 here in Aalborg back in 2009 during the Apart Festival. Read more about that in this Gaffa magazine article.

I've added all these news on the Uhrlaut website also - here and here.

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