The ‘Some Rights Reserved For Nordic Artists’ project #creativecommons #freeculture

I was recently invited to take part in a very interesting project titled 'Some Rights Reserved For Nordic Artists' (herein dubbed SRRNA). The project involves the Creative Commons (CC) project leads from all the Scandinavian countries and aims to bring knowledge about CC to nordic artists. In practice, it will run over the next year and includes workshops and gatherings in Sweden, Faroe Islands and Iceland - as well as local workshops in each participating country, including Denmark.
First gathering will be in Gothenburg in Sweden in November, where we will not only meet for the first round, but also attend the digital culture conference FSCONS (Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit), where I will most likely also give brief presentations about my work with developing Platform4 as well as my CC-licensed label Urlyd Audiovisual Recordings.

SRRNA is hosted by The Society For Free Culture and is the idea of its Executive Director Jonas Öberg, who is also a lecturer at ao. Gothenburg University. The initiative is funded by Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point and is executed in collaboration with Smári McCarthy (IS), Birita í Dali (FO), Mathias Klang (SE) and Gisle Hannemyr (NO) and myself.

Read more about the initiative in this blog post by Öberg or this posting by CC Sweden project lead Mathias Klang, as well as in this official press release - and last, but not least, this blog post on The Society For Free Culture website.

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