Talking at Open Source Days, KODA, Promus and VIBE these next two weeks // #cph #aarhus #cc #platform4dk

Lots of talk-activity these next couple of weeks. Tonight I'll be co-hosting the Creative Commons/KODA debate in Copenhagen and give a brief presentation of the CC-licensing tools and also my label Uhrlaut - and the same in Aarhus tomorrow, Thursday, in the Promus building. Friday I'll give a Platform4-presentation in Aalborg in front of two municipal delegations from Copenhagen and Holstebro - and Saturday I'll head back to Copenhagen again to talk (with Henrik Chulu) about strategies of openness at the Open Source Days conference at Copenhagen Business School.

Next week I'll head to Norway for 5 days of skiing, before returning to give a talk at the VIBE-conference in Copenhagen about community-based event stimulation and management of creative clusters. Busy and fun times 🙂

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