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Last week we had the pleasure of publishing the 'Made With Creative Commons' book on Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books as well as promote it at the Creative Commons Global Summit 2017.

The book is the third publication of the Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books venture that I am running with Niels Peter Hvillum and which aim to "explore topics such as knowledge sharing, digital cultures, entrepreneurial citizens, sub cultures, community creation, new uses of urban space, disruptive technologies and, above all, experiments with open source principles and tools." Read more about Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books.

As part of the publication efforts (as well my volunteer work for Creative Commons) I had the pleasure of attending the Creative Commons Global Summit 2017 in Toronto, Canada. Here each of the conference participants were given a copy of the book and furthermore 400 books were allocated for participants to bring home to a local library as a crowd-distribution experiment. Read more about how well that went on the Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books blog.

Furthermore I had the pleasure of organizing and speaking in a panel under the title 'Share or Die: Is the future of manufacturing open source?' alongside Michael Weinberg of the Open Source Hardware Association and Fatima Sao Simao from Creative Commons Portugal, who lead the work building the Creative Commons Business Toolkit. The panel was moderated Paul Stacey, who is one of the authors of the Made With Creative Commons book.

To get a copy of the book go to the Ctrl+Alt+Delete Books webshop or find it on Amazon (or Amazon UK). You can also download it for free on the official book website. The book is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA license which encourages further distribution, remixing and rework.

Lastly, check out this video, which shows a segment of the global Creative Commons community  (including me for a brief nanosecond) that participated in Toronto. Great work by photographer, conference participant and CC-license user Sebastiaan ter Burg:


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