Geek archeology: Cell phone and music player chronology and convergence



Time for a little bit of technology nostalgia.

This past weekend I was cleaning out the attic and historically have been unable to throw out my worn-out phones‚ music players and peripherals. I didn't succeed this time in doing so either (familiar, anyone?), but did manage to put together this timeline of all those communication and audio playing gadgets (only two phones and one music player missing, as you can see - though added in paper versions here).

A fun memory lane of devices that I must've spent close to 10,000 hours using over time:

Phones: Panasonic G350 -- Nokia 2110 -- Audiovox GSM 810 -- Sony Ericsson T610 -- Sony Ericsson T68 -- Sony Ericsson W890 -- Sony Ericsson T28 -- Sony Ericsson P9o0  -- iPhone -- iPhone 3GS -- Samsung Galaxy S2 -- HTC Sense -- Samsung Galaxy S2 (w/ larger battery, ironically - that's a step backward) -- Samsung Galaxy S3

Music players: Sony Walkman WM-FX113 -- Sony Discman (model ?) -- Sony Minidisc Walkman MZ-N505 -- iPod (3rd gen) -- iPod (5th gen) -- iPod Nano (3rd gen) -- iPod Shuffle (3rd gen - my first, it broke) -- iPod Shuffle (3rd gen)

Peripherals: Various iTrip's, docking stations, blue tooth headsets, memory card adapters, chargers and headphones.

I see that convergence of telephone and music gadgets happened for me in 2009 when I bought my first iPhone.

This is the sort of retrospect that really emphasizes how time flies, as I feel as if it was only yesterday that I packed most of these into my bag at the beginning of each day. So -- since I cannot seem to be able to toss these, watch this space for the 2025 updated timeline.

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