Nice feedback from #CPeurope talk/panels in Berlin this week (links, video and photos)


It's been a great few days in Berlin this week, where I've been attending the gigantic Campus Party conference in the former airport Tempelhof. The venue in itself was impressive - by far the biggest and most authentic set for a conference that I've ever attended - but also unconventional in the sense that the event takes place under the outside roof of the runway/hangars, so it is practically out in the open air - which is also a first time for me, convention-wise.

Christian Villum on stage at Campus Party Berlin

I participated by giving a talk and two panel appearances. First, the talk was about the open content business model behind my record label Uhrlaut on Wednesday. It was video recorded, is posted below will likely be posted online sometime soon (I'll update this post then), and had a very dedicated audience. One of them, Chris Sanders (@dadosdude), did this nice little write-up from the session. The above photo was taken and tweeted by @Estoyconlabanda

Later that day I also sat in a stage panel to discuss the theme of "The art piece in the age of digital reproduction" in company with Nela Brown, a talented sound designer from the United Kingdom as well as Matthew Gingold (who also served as moderator) - a multitalented Australian artist who, among other, makes video art and currently has a residency with Ars Electronica in Austria. All in all a very inspiring and fun session to be a part of. The entire thing was recorded and can be watched here:

My last involvement was another panel on Thursday morning on the conference main stage under the title of "Digital intellectual property" in company with Anke Domscheit-Berg (, Pirate Party Germany and more), Paul Brigner (Internet Society, ex-MPAA) and moderator Maurice Frank (Exberliner Magazine).

Here we talked a lot about the potential of open culture as a catalyst for society, but also as a basis for the development of business models - many of which are already being used succesfully in different fields of content. Brigner's past as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Policy Officer at not-at-all-willing-to-be-open MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) spiced up the discussion well - as opposed to the cozy, but unfortunately all too common "preaching to the choir" talks often seen at open culture technology conferences.

Stagepanel session @ CPeurope main stage

The recording of this session should also be available online shortly, I'll paste it in here when it's ready.
Here is the recording of the panel discussion:

In the audience were Tobias Schwarz (@Isarmatrose), who writes for German Internet policy blog Digital Politik. He did this fine review of the talk (in German, so hook up Google Translate if you're not local).

As always a blast to be in Berlin.


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