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I've now worked a little over a month and a half as Project Manager at Danish Design Centre, and wanted to give a quick intro to some of the most exciting projects I'm currently working on.

One is Sprout Talent Week, a project put together in collaboration with Danish Architecture Centre (DAC), Copenhagen Solutions Lab, Alexandra Institute and the Dome of Visions, where we'll organize a week-long hackathon with two tracks (labs): One titled "Hacking The City" and another one (the one I'll be working on alongside my colleague Julie Hjort) under the title of "Sensing The City". Whereas the two labs require registration, there will also be a program of talks and presentations that are fully open to public.

Sprout Talent Week 2015 is for up-and coming urban innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals and students interested in the physical, social and urban space of a smarter city.

Sprout Talent Week: Sensing The City

During the course of the lab, 20 participants will work to collect, interpret and visualize indoor climate data collected in the Dome of Visions to produce a physic, digital, electronic or bodily data-visualisation that tells a story about the Dome of Visions and the people who use it. The participants will learn how to use design thinking, rapid prototyping and basic electronics to manifest their idea. Learn more about the Talent Week in general (as well as how to sign up to participate) and about the Sensing The City lab in particular. To stay in the loop sign up to the Facebook event.

Future Fabrication

Next we're also getting much deeper into investigating the future of advanced fabrication and the opportunities provided by new advanced technologies such as 3D-printers, laser cutters, CNC mills, sensors, cheap microprocessers and the like.

In other words we are scoping a program that will discover the role designers can play to make sure technological potential relates to human needs in a way that generates truly innovative solutions for people.  To do this we'll spend the next few months to start a debate about the role of designers in future manufacturing and use the insight to hopefully craft a bigger program around the topic. To learn more read this blog post by my colleague Julie.


Lastly I have just started helping build further upon the WeEconomy project, which is a collaboration with think tank DEA and Service Platform. The project's current phase is ending now and has outputted a publication called "Your business in the We-Economy". You can download the e-book here.

Next we want to extend the findings presented therein and create a set of tools to help apply the insight for organisations and individuals curious towards experimenting with sharing economies.

Learn more about the We-Economy project.


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