My face on TV2-Nord and 24Nordjyske tv – and broad media coverage of Blip Festival Europe in general

The Blip Festival Europe has really caught attention in not only local media, but also national and international media. Earlier this week, my face was on TV2-Nord in an interview as part of their daily evening newscast and as of today, also 24-hour 24Nordjyske has a segment in their current loop.
Yesterday major national newspaper Politiken ran a piece and also leading music mag Soundvenue presented the news about the festival in their newsletter and did a brief article. Main local newspaper Nordjyske did a half-pager in their print version and last, but not least, a long series of sites, blogs and 8bit communities worldwide has picked up the story, see below. Some of them even come to the festival as part of the rather comprehensive group of journalists covering the festival.

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