Letting go of Labelkollektiv Distribution after 3 years of fun bootstrapping

So today was a day I had been looking forward to as well as dreading a bit: The day that I pass on Labelkollektiv Distribution to new owners. In all honesty, I have been looking forward to freeing up all the time that goes into running an indie distribution outfit for more than 80 underground labels, and I dare not count the hundreds of hours I've spend on this project for the last couple of years. But of course it also felt a bit glum, because it's hard to give away one of your babies like that and I will surely miss being part of the cycle of getting all the great Danish underground music out to the masses (316 new releases over three years to be exact).

Still, nothing lasts forever, and it feels good to pass on the baton while we're ahead. The distribution has been growing exponentially, so I feel confident that the we're still far from realizing the full potential of this niche music platform. The new owners, Mads and Dennis, will surely be able to push things much further from their Copenhagen-based hub. All the best of luck to them.
Also, Labelkollektiv - the non-profit organization from which Labelkollektiv Distribution proliferated - will continue it's activities with all six original labels, and I will stay chairman; there are indeed plenty more diy-music endeavours to pursue for us.

If you'd like to read in a little more detail why I've decided to pull the plug on the distribution, read this first post and this second post on the Labelkollektiv blog. Also, we - me and Mathies, who's been a powerhouse in helping out with everything these last two years - held a little farewell sale last weekend. Watch the pictures here that Mathies took (and, btw, thanks to everyone who showed up and helped us eat the cake).

Last, but not least, our sayonara to the music distro bizz has not gone unnoticed: It's A Trap, a Washington DC-based blog about Scandinavian music, was kind enough to mention it on their blog and it was also announced on the Supersound Records site. One of our most active local culture bloggers, Kulturformidleren aka. Jais Ikkala, also attended the garage sale and threw up a little piece on his web space. So did Mathies, here.

So goodbye, Labelkollektiv Distribution, it's been a great pleasure! Now, new projects lie ahead.

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