Interview in national radio DR P3 about SOPA (w. audio link) // #sopa #net_neutrality



Wednesday this week I was interviewed on Danish national radio DR P3 in the afternoon program P3 Pressen about the SOPA shenanigans going on in the US right now. The interview is approx 4 minutes and you can hear it here.

SOPA is a draconian law being passed through congress in the US right now based on heavy lobbying by the entertaint industry. Among other, it changes the liability of intermediaries on the Internet, so that it becomes a copyright infringement to simply stream or link to infringing material. Also, it gives rights holder organization (record labels, movie companies, book publishers) the right, without court order, to take down sites that they deem infringing. If passed, it will change the Internet we know today complete and would make it practically impossible to have any sort of user interaction on a site. This would make it impossible for sites such as YouTube and Wikipedia to exist, but also force all of us to disable the comment-function on our blogs. Dreadful and simply free speech inhibiting.

The show had 600.000 listeners, and that is a first time for me (in fact, it's speaking out to 10% of the Danish population at the same time, if you think of it. Funny thought).


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