Hosting workshop @ CC Global Summit // #warsaw #creativecommons #ccsummit2011

Today I'll be hosting a workshop at the Creative Commons Global Summit in Warsaw, Poland, focussing on how to work with volunteers in the CC communities across the globe. The idea is to address ways to establish such communities, how to sustain/expand them and of course how they can be used as a strong resource on different levels in affiliate (local chapters') activities.

In practice we'll (1) look into existing CC communities and learn from those in an effort to map good and fruitful practices for both building and using them, (2) discuss the difficulties and pitfalls we meet in building and sustaining communities and, time permitting, (3) try to design a framework or overview of good practice, as derived from the session, to be made available to all affiliates.

Before the workshop, which starts at 11.00, I'll also be giving a short presentation of my label Urlyd/Uhrlaut at the Collecting Societies Update session (9.00-19.30).

Read more about the conference here and the workshop here.

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