OPENNEXT: Exploring the open source and community-driven future of product manufacturing

As part of my work at Danish Design Centre, I have the pleasure of contributing in several ways to one of the organization's most interesting flag-ship project by the name of OPENNEXT; a EU-funded 7 million EURO trans-European effort to explore the open source and community-driven future of product manufacturing. In other words, figuring out the business model for open source hardware that is collaboratively designed and developed through collaborations between companies and communities of customers.

The project evolves around 6 pilots which each has a company and a maker space that works together to open source a physical product and build a community of external stakeholders around it. We work with some very inspiration companies including SonoMotors in Berlin (electrical cars), Stykka in Copenhagen (digitally fabricated office furniture), SODAQ in Amsterdam (sensor based consumer electronics) and XYZ Cargo (cargo bikes) in Hamburg/Copenhagen - to name a few of them. On the lab side we have UNDERBROEN in Copenhagen, WAAG in Amsterdam and Prototypes for Europe (formerly known as Agile Heap/Fablab Berlin) in Berlin.

Aside from co-writing the funding application prior to the application (with the rest of the consortium), I have the honor of acting as chairperson of the OPENNEXT Steering Committee as well as leading one of the work packages alongside my colleagues Frederik Lean Hansen and Oskar Stokholm Østergaard. Read more about the project and our progress on the official website ( or via my social feeds.

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