Co-authoring research publication, “Diving Deep into Corporate Innovation”

Over the course of 6 months in 2020-2021, during my time in Danish Design Centre, I had the pleasure of making a deep plunge into the inner workings of ten corporates to explore with them how innovation works in such large, complex organisations.

Concretely, ten innovation leads from large companies such as Ørsted, Konica Minolta, KMD, LeoPharma, Sumitomo (see complete list via the link below) were set up by Danish Design Centre to interview each other about their innovation practice - both successes and failures. In essence, this was a peer-to-peer method, which was developed specifically for this effort.
To bolster the scientific methodology, we also worked with DTU (Danish Technical Univerisity) throughout the process, and the will be further edited and co-published by them later on.

The outcome is an online publication with 8 cutting-edge insights into the current state of corporate innovation. The publication is freely available.

Download from Danish Design Centre website:

Or pick up the pdf from my local server.

In addition, I've also been engaged to do keynotes about the learnings. Please do reach out if you are reading this and would like to hear more.

Lastly, massive kudos to my colleagues Brian Frandsen and Sara Solveig Ørnsholt, who lead the project while I was on paternity leave and also shipped the publication after I left Danish Design Centre. Also, large hat tip to Matthias Trischler from DTU for his tireless work on pattern recognition and methodological backing.

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