CC Salon Copenhagen and Aarhus: The Future of Money // #thefutureofmoney #ccmoney

Today we'll host the next Creative Commons Salon in Copenhagen (the third of it's kind) as well as debut the first ever CC Salon Aarhus. Subsequently, over the next three days, the first salons in Sweden, Norway and Iceland will take place as well, through the hard work of my CC colleagues there and Jonas Öberg from Society for Free Culture and Software & the Cloudberry Project in Gothenburg.

The theme for this round is The Future of Money, and takes its origin in a short film made by Berlin-based Gabriel Shalom and Jay Cousins, who I gave a presentation of their work at the Transmediale Festival in Berlin back in February - and it turned out that they'd be more than up for the idea of coming to Scandinavia to present their work at our salons.
The Copenhagen round - tonight, at PH Caféen on Halmtorvet - will also feature presentations by Martin von Haller (of CC Denmark) and Oliver Maxwell, the independent social entrepreneur. In Aarhus, tomorrow at Raabar, I'll take the stage myself to give a CC introduction, and following that will be Martin Pihl from O-Biz and Open Space Århus.

The salon series is supported by the Cloudberry Project - and the Danish salons have also been made possible through aid from Bender von Haller Dragsted.

Read more about the salons here on our Danish CC site.

Join us!

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