Attending Mozilla Festival and Open Government Partnership Summit in London // #OGP13


Mozilla Festival mood

This last week I've been working out of London in order to attend two significant events: First the Mozilla Festival, popularly known as MozFest, which is the main global event for the web maker movement - and after that the large Open Government Partnership Summit which is hosted by the Open Government Partnership and gathers government officials and civil society representatives from more than 60 countries to discuss policies and actions on societal transparency, political accountability and open data.

In between these two major events I also helped co-host an Open Data Meetup in the C4CC co-working space alongside my colleagues in the Open Knowledge Foundation. During these events I did two talks about the Open Data Index (see slides here) and one about the Global Open Data Initiative with my colleague Sander van der Waal (here is a write-up from the event that I did for the Global Open Data Initiative blog). Both are projects that I've doing project management work on these last few months.


For further detail about these great events, I suggest reading the accounts about MozFest by my colleagues Beatrice Martini, Zara Rahman and Heather Leson: "Mozilla Festival - We Came, We Made, We Hacked Together", "MozFest 2013" and "I See Dead Data". For more insight into all the stuff we did at the Open Government Partnership Summit, see this post on the Open Knowledge Foundation blog.

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