Coaching electronic music acts @ ORA’s Audition Days // #viva #electronica #aalborg

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited (for the second time actually) to act as one of three coaches to give good advice to four talented upcoming electronic music acts at one of ORA's 'Audition Days' events, this time held at Viva La Revolution in Aalborg, Denmark. The bands play normal (yet short) concerts in front of a live audience, and the idea is then to sit down for a talk with the band to give feedback on their performance and try to coach them onwards on their path towards world domination.

The night was great fun in good company with both the acts (Oscillators, Glass House Failure, Vibeke Falden and Naderi) and also my fellow coaches for the night, Troels from VETO and Anders from Turboweekend. Always fun to meet fellow music lovers and listen to freshly ground music.

For those who are unfamiliar with Jesper Gravholt's (local organizer)and ORA's great grassroots work, make sure to check out their site and join their next Audition Days event around the country.

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