This is a blog. A contemplative online presence aimed at presenting, commenting, scrutinizing and/or discussing a wide range of topics in the sphere of media, politics, technology, social justice, art, civil dissent and other subjects in our increasingly globalized network society.

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The Yes Men are revolting!

It may seem that the only times I post here it is to endorse crowdfunding projects – but believe me, that is not intentional. Still, I’d like to point to yet another funding campaign, this time on Kickstarter. The infamous and brilliant Yes Men are launching a new documentary project titled “The Yes Men are […]

Remixed Danish tourist poster reflects the brutal Copenhagen police actions

Check out this brilliantly made remix of the classic old ‘Wonderful Copenhagen’ poster, made by Camilla Brodersen. A remix that so accurately visualizes the political shift in mentality that has happened in Denmark over the last 5-6 years. I found it at Boing Boing – read the original post here.

Angry Mermaid Award launches

ATTAC Denmark, Corporate Europe Observatory, Focus on the Global South, Friends of the Earth International and Spinwatch now launches the Angry Mermaid Award – an award which will be given to the company or organization that has worked the hardest to prevent and sabotage positive action to improve our climate. The winner will be decided […]

Brilliant infographics: The World of 100

Just stumbled upon this piece at Brainpickings, which points to a brilliant infographics website named The World of 100 made by a guy named Toby Ng. It visualizes statistics of the world in percentages boiled down to what he visualizes ‘if the world were a village of a 100 people’. See a couple of great […]

Yes Men pawn Chamber of Commerce over climate change legislation

From the Boing Boing blog: The Yes Men strike again. Posing as members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, they held a press conference today to announce that the chamber would abandon its opposition to climate-change legislation now in Congress. Watch the video: And read the press release. I love these guys. UPDATE (Oct 22, […]


Greenpeace Denmark is organizing a huge demonstration in Copenhagen on December 12, just before the final stage of the climate summit. More than 60,000 activists are expected to participate and further to the banners made by activists themselves, Greenpeace will manufacture 3,000 banners and signs to hand out to ensure that spinning news cameras broadcast […]

Obama: Right city, wrong date

Denmark was surely buzzing last week when the IOC delegates met to decide where the 2016 Olympic Games were to take place. Most of the fuzz of course came because of Obama’s short visit to boost the Chicago campaign, but the otherwise popular president’s visit also stirred heavy criticism; not so much for taking active […]

Greenpeace event time-lapse graffiti video

Please allow yourself the time to watch this brilliantly made video that was produced by Greenpeace in Copenhagen to mark the premiere of The Age of Stupid movie. Not Stupid – Greenpeace event time-lapse Graffiti video from Karuna Guzmán Møller on Vimeo.

Dow vacates London HQ to avoid Bhopal water

Just received this from the admirable Yes Men: July 13, 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “B’EAU-PAL” WATER SCARES DOW EXECS INTO HIDING Plans to contribute to climate action in lead-up to Copenhagen begin to take shape Photos: London – A new, beautifully-designed line of bottled water – this time not from the melting Alps, nor […]

Climate Greenwash Award winner announced: Vattenfall!

This weekend, an alliance consisting of Corporate Europe Observatory, Attac, Klimabevægelsen (Danish for ‘Climate Movement’), KlimaX and NOAH held the so-called ‘Climate Greenwash Award’-show in Denmark. A satirical event aimed at creating critical awareness of the Business Summit held in Denmark the very same weekend. From the Climate Greenwash Award website: Big business is keen […]

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    Welcome to the blog, a contemplative online presence aimed at presenting, commenting, scrutinizing and/or discussing a wide range of topics in the sphere of media, politics, technology, social justice, art, civil dissent and other inspiring and/or troublesome subjects in our increasingly globalized world and network society.

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