This is a blog. A contemplative online presence aimed at presenting, commenting, scrutinizing and/or discussing a wide range of topics in the sphere of media, politics, technology, social justice, art, civil dissent and other subjects in our increasingly globalized network society.

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“Hackitat” – a new crowdfunded film about political hacking

Hackitat is a new Swedish-produced documentary project to highlight the motivation behind the wave of politically charged so-called hacktivism (see definition further down on this blog) that has swept the globe in the last couple of years, lead ao. by groups such as Anonymous, LulzSec and, in effect, Wikileaks. The project is being crowdfunded via […]

Explaining hacktivism // #infographic

We’re getting really big on infographics (actually, we’ve been for a while). This time we’re presenting the work of the Frugal Dad blog that have produced a beautiful and visually appealing infographic explaining the new hacktivism buzz that is sweeping the globe. Hacking has really been taking a new activist role in society in recent […]

Hypocricy in Hollywood // #piracy #lobbyism

Paralegal has made this brilliant infographic highlighting the hypocricy in the movie industry when it comes to piracy. One of the things worth noticing the most is how their most profitable source of income – box office sales – are continuing to grow, but still they are spending over 120 million dollars annually (equal to […]

Everything Is A Remix pt. 4 // #sharing #copyright #ip

The brilliant Everything Is A Remix-documentary series by New York-based filmmaker Kirby Ferguson has reached it’s fourth chapter, which carries the headline “System Failure” – and as usual it is highly worth a watch. One of the highlight quote goes: “Our system of law doesn’t acknowledge the derivative nature of creativity. Instead, ideas are regarded […]

Copying as religion – P2P as in Priest2Priest // #lulz #copyright #religion

Brokep aka. Peter Sunde of Flattr (ao.) writes on his blog (with reference to the recent news that “Kopimistsamfundet” – “The Society of Kopimism” – was officially accepted as a new religion in Sweden) that he’s “been following the church up closely and wanted to post my views on why this is an important move.” This […]

The ACTA threat to the Internets // #acta #freedom

The magnificent La Quadrature du Net – an advocacy group that promotes the rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet – has just released three videos to inform Europeans about the ACTA agreement that is currently being lobbied in the EU Parliament. ACTA is presented as a trade agreement, but is in fact a threat to […]

Hollywood vs. YouTube + Copyright history // #copyright #doctorow

As always, author and technotarian Cory Doctorow nails it very accurately in this interview when asked to explain the Hollowood/film entertainment lobby vs. YouTube debacle – as well as account for the history of entertainment industry responses to technological evolution.

FSCONS conference in Sweden this weekend // #freesoftware #freeculture

This forthcoming weekend is the time for this year’s FSCONS conference (Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit), the biggest annual Scandinavian gathering around free culture, free software and free society. Speakers include Erik de Bruijn, Glyn Moody, Alessandro Rubini and Karin Kosina – and usually attracts an audience of close to 300 people for the […]

Why We Hack: The Benefits of Disobedience #hacking

Brilliant piece on the equally brilliant Lifehacker blog. Excerpt: “Sometimes disobedience is necessary and good when rules fail us, and it’s at the core of why we hack. Hacking is a means of expressing dissatisfaction, confounding the mechanism, and ultimately doing better. Here’s why it’s so important.” (…) What they Mean When I Say “Hack” […]

Yes Men derail massive Chevron greenwashing campaign #adbusting #greenwashing

The Yes Men strike again. Elegantly and effectively as always. This time targeting a new massive greenwashing campaign by oil mogul Chevron. Here is the press release, taken from the Yes Men site: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 19, 2010 Massive Chevron Ad Campaign Derailed, Media Slapstick Follows News outlets, citizens duped by web of deceit […]

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