This is a blog. A contemplative online presence aimed at presenting, commenting, scrutinizing and/or discussing a wide range of topics in the sphere of media, politics, technology, social justice, art, civil dissent and other subjects in our increasingly globalized network society.

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The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction

In an interesting comment on, Claire L. Evans writes: In his seminal 1991 essay, “The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction,” the video artistDouglas Davis writes that digital bits “can be endlessly reproduced, without degradation, always the same, always perfect.” Digital Decay from universe on Vimeo. The statement follows the above video […]

Everything Is A Remix pt. 4 // #sharing #copyright #ip

The brilliant Everything Is A Remix-documentary series by New York-based filmmaker Kirby Ferguson has reached it’s fourth chapter, which carries the headline “System Failure” – and as usual it is highly worth a watch. One of the highlight quote goes: “Our system of law doesn’t acknowledge the derivative nature of creativity. Instead, ideas are regarded […]

Danish Designs Centre bullying Danish design talents

Bureau Detours, a talented Danish architecture-, design- and building studio, recently launched the humorous Dennis Design Center initiative; a temporary design center owned by “Dennis”, a fictitious art-enthusiast character (supposedly from Rotterdam in the Netherlands), who set out to change public space in and around Prags Boulevard as part of the recent Metropolis festival. The […]

Hollywood vs. YouTube + Copyright history // #copyright #doctorow

As always, author and technotarian Cory Doctorow nails it very accurately in this interview when asked to explain the Hollowood/film entertainment lobby vs. YouTube debacle – as well as account for the history of entertainment industry responses to technological evolution.

Huff Puff it down // #huffpuff

The sale of independent blogging behemoth Huffington Post to AOL has caused outrage in global blogging communities and is broadly regarded as a shocking sell-out; Huff Post was regarded – both in the community and outside of it – as the prime example of how grass root micro journalism could not only match, but also […]

Make your own newspaper from independent sources #fivefilters #media

A group of developers/hackers lead by Keyvan Minoukadeh has set out to develop a service application – – that will enable the public to get non-corporate news-coverage of contemporary news topics – by easily hacking corporate media itself. In practice, the application helps you scan a physical corporate newspaper clipping via your webcam and […]

Yes Men derail massive Chevron greenwashing campaign #adbusting #greenwashing

The Yes Men strike again. Elegantly and effectively as always. This time targeting a new massive greenwashing campaign by oil mogul Chevron. Here is the press release, taken from the Yes Men site: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 19, 2010 Massive Chevron Ad Campaign Derailed, Media Slapstick Follows News outlets, citizens duped by web of deceit […]

Videos about The Internet of Things

ReadWriteWeb has published a very interesting collection of videos focusing and theorizing on the so-called The Internet of Things. The idea is furthermore explained well in the introduction to the collection, where they explain how The Internet of Things “is what happens when you take everyday ordinary objects and put Internet-connected microchips inside them. These […]

Support and sign the ACTA-declaration from EFF! #eff #acta

I do not normally endorse causes with so little subtlety as in the headline above, but in this case I urge everyone to sign the petition to support the ACTA-declaration by EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Read why here (please do!) and sign here.

The semantic web and interesting thoughts about web 3.0

This film, by Kate Ray, is indeed worth watching for anyone interested in what a so-called web 3.0 might look like. It’s major theme is the concept of the semantic web, which, during the film, is also explained for those unfamiliar with the idea. Web 3.0 from Kate Ray on Vimeo.

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    Welcome to the blog, a contemplative online presence aimed at presenting, commenting, scrutinizing and/or discussing a wide range of topics in the sphere of media, politics, technology, social justice, art, civil dissent and other inspiring and/or troublesome subjects in our increasingly globalized world and network society.

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