This is a blog. A contemplative online presence aimed at presenting, commenting, scrutinizing and/or discussing a wide range of topics in the sphere of media, politics, technology, social justice, art, civil dissent and other subjects in our increasingly globalized network society.

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Piracy – the result of a market failure

If you have just the slightest interest in the heated debate about filesharing and torrents going on right now, you should read the brilliant piece author Matt Mason (of the book The Pirate Dilemma fame – a truly eye opening book about the topic) has written for the TorrentFreak blog, adressing not only The Pirate […]

The Pirate Bay trial invalid? (translation of Swedish article)

Just a couple of hour ago, this breaking news article was published on the webpage of SR (Swedish National Radio). It unveils how the judge of the The Pirate Bay spectrial is actually an active member of the Swedish copyright lobby. As no English media has picked up the story yet, I have made a […]

Swedish repercussions

Following the announcement of the verdict in the trial against The Pirate Bay (the so-called ‘spectrial‘) yesterday, the web has been buzzing with reactions. For one, the Swedish Pirate Party gained more than 3,000 Swedish members in just 7 hours, with a huge amount of people from around the world asking whether they could join […]

The Pirate Bay announced guilty

Minutes ago the official ‘spectrial‘-verdict of the Swedish Court was announced, and rules in favor of the prosecution. The four accused TBP-founders have all been sentenced to 1 year in prison. A couple of hours ago, however, Peter Sunde – spokesman for The Pirate Bay (TPB) and one of the founders on trial – tweeted […]

Rev Billy in Wall Street Journal

Things are surely a-changing in this time of financial apocalypse. Just one year ago, who would have thought that the Wall Street Journal would run a story – a highly positive story – on the anti-consumerist thoughts of magnificent activist Reverend Billy and The Church of Life After Shopping? Read the article – with quotes […]

Internet being bombed back to the stone age tomorrow?

Tomorrow will be a big milestone in Internet-, technology-, copyright-, music-, movie- and civil right history: The Swedish court will announce their verdict in the so-called ‘spectrial‘, where the people behind The Pirate Bay (TBP) have been accused ao. of assisting copyright infringement. Although both parties will appeal the sentence if being ruled against, it […]

High expectations

Am I the only one who is enormously curious to find out what Flattr is? I did not know about the thing before it was mentioned in a tweet from Peter Sunde, one of people behind the The Pirate Bay, a couple of days ago. Waiting impatiently.

Statebook: because knowledge is power

The Open Rights Group (ORG) has launched ‘Statebook’, a website that lists all the information the British authorities hold on each individual citizen in the United Kingdom. It’s really, really scary to see how much and how detailed information is being collected. ORG writes in their blog: “Today we launched a campaign site, portraying the […]

Police beating up G20 protesters – and bystanders

What is it with some law enforcement officers and their absurd way of keeping peace during protests against financial summits such as the recent G20-meeting? It seems that the people protesting against hypercapitalism are considered as outlaws by just being present. How many examples of police brutality against such rallies have we seen in recent […]

Fictitious Capital

Was Marx right? Richard Metzger asks in this thought-inspiring post at the Boing Boing blog. Here’s an excerpt: “Watching the news with the G20 protesters in London carrying banners reading “Capitalism Failed Us” and “Marx was Right!” I felt quite good about the day’s events. In 1983 and 1984, I was living in London and […]

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