DIY Laboratory

DIY timer – lamp – incubator for our Dynoflagellates The Bosslab is an amazing place with incredible facilities but not everything we need is available, so sometimes we have to make it ourselves. Fortunately, we pretty much can find everything we need at the Bosslab, in order to make almost anything… all we need is… Continue reading DIY Laboratory

The Tree of Knowledge Philosophy

“He who lights his taper at mine receives light without darkening me” — Thomas Jefferson The project is a community performance; a collaborative ritual. Our Tribe, and we hope the broader Burning Man community, will undertake to illustrate– literally, to illuminate– the magic of sharing knowledge, though the rich symbolism of sharing light. With this… Continue reading The Tree of Knowledge Philosophy

The Tribe and its Facepaint

We are the Project Team (details here.) We are a international group of artists, scientists, makers, activists, thinkers, and tinkers brought together by our mutual desire to explore alternative mediums of expression and creativity. We come from different backgrounds, we each have different passions and opinions, yet we all agree on a common idea: Knowledge… Continue reading The Tribe and its Facepaint

The Tree’s Construction

Installing the Tree We will build the Tree of Knowledge, using concepts about open hardware, fabrication and biohacking, to be a place of knowledge-sharing, beauty and collaboration. The Tree itself can be installed in any urban setting with appropriate climate– indoors or outdoors. We have already received a grant in support of a preliminary installation… Continue reading The Tree’s Construction

Our Lab Work and Biolumescence

Illumination biohacking is the essence of our project. At night, the Tree of Knowledge is illuminated through the light naturally emitted by the bioluminescent fruit. The site perimeter is highlighted by glowing markers similar to those used to illuminate the path to the site — thus keeping the area safe from errant cars, distracted cyclists,… Continue reading Our Lab Work and Biolumescence