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DIY timer – lamp – incubator for our Dynoflagellates

The Bosslab is an amazing place with incredible facilities but not everything we need is available, so sometimes we have to make it ourselves. Fortunately, we pretty much can find everything we need at the Bosslab, in order to make almost anything… all we need is some good will and creativity.

photo 2

So we went on to create a specially designed incubator for growing our Dynoflagellates in a controlled environment with a timer for the lighting (so that they always get 12 hours of lightness and 12 hours of darkness) as well as a mechanical shaker that turns on for about 10 minutes everyday, in order to give them a small boost of energy every once in a while. It might not look so professional, but rest assured, it is actually as functional as its industrial counterpart, and it does definitely looks much nicer  🙂

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