The Tree of Knowledge project is based on a global, cross-team collaboration between artists, makers, academics and builders at Harvard University, Creative Commons, the Open Design + Hardware Network at the Open Knowledge Foundation and the Open Tech Collaborative.

Together, we are the Tribe.

Primavera De Fillipi

Primavera De Fillipi

Primavera is a researcher at the CERSA / CNRS / Université Paris II and a research fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, where is investigating the concept of “governance by design” as it relates to cloud computing and peer-to-peer technologies.

Primavera holds a PhD from the European University Institute in Florence, where she explored the legal challenges of copyright law in the digital environment. Primavera is an administrator of the Communia association for the public domain, a coordinator at the Open Knowldege Foundation and legal expert for Creative Commons in France. She is also the co-founder of an artistic collective called Okhaos that produces interactive (digital and mechanical) works released under open licenses.

Kat Braybrooke

kat braybrooke

Kat is Curation and Co-Design Lead at the Mozilla Foundation, with a focus on tools and communities that help people move from consuming the web to making the web. She is also co-founder of the Open Design and Hardware Network, and currently lives in Vancouver via London and Las Vegas.

A creative technologist whose work explores tensions between technology, culture and social change, Kat has an AA in Peace + Conflict Studies and a BA in Political Science, as well as a MSc in Digital Anthropology from University College London, where she researched the role of gender and identity amongst Millennial-aged hackers across Europe. She is an editor of the Open Book and has produced several community interventions across Canada and Europe such as OKFestival Helsinki, Foreign Policy Camp Vancouver, Open Government Data Camp Warsaw and the Fresh Media arts collective. Kat’s work can be found at

Christian Villum

Christian Villum

Christian is a disruptive technology geek, project bootstrapper, open data activist & electronic music buff. He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, and works as OpenGovData & Local Group community manager for the Open Knowledge Foundation.

With a background in media and culture entrepreneurship, co-working facilitation, community creation, hacktivism and open culture, he enjoys bringing people together to share new ideas. He holds an MA in Culture, Communication and Globalization from Aalborg University and has previously lived, worked and studied in Berlin, New York and Chicago. On the side, he runs a few smaller projects including Uhrlaut Records, a small boutique record label for challenging electronic music from Scandinavia – and whenever possible, he tries to find time to play with his 3D-printer and various Arduino projects. Christian’s work can be found at

Tristan Copley Smith

Tristan Copley Smith

Tristan Copley Smith is a visual storyteller and communications specialist working in open source, government transparency, and sharing movements. Currently based in Denver, Colorado, Tristan helps groups and individuals coordinate projects, communicate messages to users, and grow productive communities.

A filmmaker by trade, Tristan has produced films for WikiLeaks, Open Source Ecology and 38 Degrees. He aims to engage people with new ideas, entertain, and encourage audiences to feel empowered by the innovations and ideas developing around the world. Tristan holds a BA in film production from Bournemouth Film School and is currently founding a new investigative video network called TAPin. His work can be found at

Jeremy Nicholas

Jeremy is an artist, philosopher, engineer and adventurer. He is an active grease monkey with a passion for collecting as many tools and broken machines as possible. He sometimes defines himself as a meta-mechanical artist, working with metal and grease in order to produce interactive contraptions that often infringe the tenets of mechanical engineering.

After working as an engineer in Berkeley, CA, he moved to Europe where he has been busy producing large-scale interactive installations (go to for works). He has also been running  a series of open workshops in Florence and Paris, a meeting place for ideas, a home for artists involved in the making of kinetic art, with an interest for metallic materials recouped from the streets.

Cameron Myhrvold

Cameron is a graduate student in the Systems Biology PhD program at Harvard, where he is working to construct megamolecular complexes in cells and develop new methods to understand DNA self-assembly.

Cameron holds an A.B. in Molecular Biology with a certificate in Quantitative and Computational Biology from Princeton, where he studied the evolution of communication between bioluminescent marine bacteria. In his spare time, he enjoys wildlife photography, scuba diving, and bears.


Matthew Blumberg

blumberg-square-BWMatthew Blumberg likes to make stuff up. He is founder and executive director of GridRepublic, a nonprofit organization that uses “volunteer computing” to provide supercomputing resources to scientific and medical research (recently in partnership with Intel as “Progress Thru Processors”).
Other recent projects include “Charity Engine” (commercial volunteer computing, with proceeds to charity), and consulting with DARPA’s “Social Computing Seedling”. Previously, he produced the feature film “Amongst Friends” (a Sundance Film Festival Selection, distributed theatrically worldwide), and was partner in TGT Energy Ltd., a company commercializing proprietary technology for industrial-scale energy storage.
Matthew is a Visiting Practitioner at the Harvard Innovation Lab and Fellow at MetaLab (at) Harvard.