Our Lab Work and Biolumescence

Illumination biohacking is the essence of our project.

At night, the Tree of Knowledge is illuminated through the light naturally emitted by the bioluminescent fruit. The site perimeter is highlighted by glowing markers similar to those used to illuminate the path to the site — thus keeping the area safe from errant cars, distracted cyclists, and the like. In sum, virtually everything on the site glows in the dark. Additionally, black lights will be installed around the site, to give the face and body paint on “Tribe” members unnatural luminance, to to give a generally otherworldly glow to the site.

The bioluminescent organisms are suspended in a seawater solution, contained in clear plexiglass balls. These will not break or shatter even if dropped from a height considerably higher than even the top of the tree; and won’t hurt much if dropped on one’s head. The organisms contained into the fruit are naturally occurring. While they have been bioengineered for climate and optimal luminescence, they are not toxic.

We are excited already to get started!

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